President of Guinea-Bissau: Putin said he was ready for negotiations with Ukraine. News of the day in the world and Russia today

President of Guinea-Bissau Umaru Shisoku Embalo conveyed to his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky a message from Russian leader Vladimir Putin on readiness for negotiations between Moscow and Kyiv.

A video recording of the joint press conference was published on the Telegram channel of the head of the Ukrainian state.

Yesterday I was in Russia, met with President Putin, who asked me to convey a message to you, to talk to you. He told me that he was ready for negotiations with President Zelensky,”

said Umaru Shisoku Embalo.

He added that he sees himself as a “carrier of impulses” to improve relations between Ukraine and Russia.

The leader of Guinea-Bissau noted that Africa can make efforts to resolve the conflict, this was one of the goals of his visit to Moscow and Kyiv.

On October 25, Embalo held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The leaders of the states, among other things, discussed issues of interaction between Russia and the Economic Community of West African Countries (ECOWAS), in which Embalo is the chairman.

In response, Zelensky called the proposal of the geopolitical adversary “nothing more than planned rhetoric,” reports.

And it is addressed to countries that have not turned away from Russia. “I said: in order to have bridges… it is necessary that the infrastructure is not blown up,”

Zelensky said.

He added that only under such conditions, as well as with the “unblocking of the Black Sea”, it will be possible to talk about negotiations “sometime in the future”.

He also mentioned the need to maintain the terms of the agreement, in which Turkey acts as an intermediary between Russia and Ukraine in the supply of grain.

On Thursday, October 27, Peskov told reporters that Russian President Vladimir Putin did not send a special message to Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky about a possible dialogue between Moscow and Kyiv through Guinea-Bissau President Umaru Sisoka Embalo, reports TASS.

Our colleague from an African state expressed a desire, said that he would have contacts and that he would convey Putin’s position to the Ukrainian side. There is no specific message in this case, and there was no talk of it,”

Peskov answered the question whether the President of the Russian Federation conveyed such a message.

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