Putin called the situation with the export of grain from Ukraine another impudent deception of the EU. News of the day in the world and Russia today

The situation with the export of grain from Ukraine not to developing countries, but to Europe, is a brazen deceit and a boorish swindle.

This was stated on September 7 by Russian President Vladimir Putin, answering questions after the plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF).

This is just a swindle. A boorish and impudent attitude towards those partners, for the sake of which everything was allegedly done. They just cheated. <...> Once again, just as the people say rudely in our country – they threw it, cheated it. And not only us, but also the poorest countries under the pretext of ensuring their interests,”

said the Russian leader.

Putin noted that the West thinks only about its own interests, hiding behind the interests of developing countries.

According to him, in the documents on the export of grain from Ukraine there is no data on how much supplies should go to developing countries, but the agreements were concluded under the pretext of deliveries there.

We promised to do everything to ensure the interests of developing countries in terms of food supplies to their markets, including Ukrainian grain. And everyone talked about it when it was discussed. What we see is another blatant deception. And it’s not about us. This is a deception of the international community, a deception of partners in Africa, other countries that are in dire need of food,”

the President stressed.

Putin indicated that Russia would insist that grain exports from Ukraine and Russia be aimed at improving the situation on world markets and lowering prices.

Nevertheless, we will continue this work in the hope that the goals for which this entire event was organized will still be achieved, ”

the President stressed.

The head of state also stated the need to join forces in order to stop the rise in food prices in the world.

The price of food has stabilized a little, but, nevertheless, the upward trend is still, and according to international organizations, the price of food will still grow, so we need to join forces to reverse this trend, every chance there is for this. It is necessary not only to make decisions under some plausible pretext, but also to work together to implement the decisions made,”

Putin noted.

The President also noted that the restrictions on agricultural products and fertilizers from the Russian Federation are de facto maintained, despite the fact that “formally, the sanctions have been lifted.”

Formally, sanctions have been lifted from our fertilizers, as well as from food, but in fact there are restrictions. This is such a tricky, complicated situation, when there are no direct sanctions against our products, but there are restrictions related to logistics, ship charter, money transfer, and insurance,”

he explained.

On September 6, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the West is not fulfilling its promises under the Russian memorandum with the UN on the access of Russian agricultural products to world markets.

At the same time, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, said that part of the grocery deal regarding Russian exports of food and fertilizers is still not working: not a single ship has exported grain from the Russian Federation.

On August 20, UN Secretary General António Guterres said that the organization is working to remove barriers to the export of products from Russia.

According to him, the UN is working with the United States to remove barriers related to the export of agricultural products and fertilizers from Russia that are not under sanctions.

The day before, on August 19, the European Commission (EC) Ursula von der Leyen reported that the first 10 ships with Ukrainian grain had arrived safely at their destination.

The EC President described the event as a “good start”, adding that sea routes should remain open for food exports to those countries where it is needed.

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