Reuters: Kazakhstan rejected Russia’s demand to expel Ukraine’s ambassador. News of the day in the world and Russia today

Kazakh authorities rejected Russia’s demand to expel the Ukrainian ambassador because of his remarks about the murder of Russians. It is reported by Reuters.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Kazakhstan promised to expel a Ukrainian diplomat from the country, who publicly called for the killing of as many Russians as possible, in a short time, but did not do so.

To the deepest regret, the assurances that this Bandera emissary “will never return” to Astana have not been fulfilled,”

she said.

According to Reuters, Aibek Smadiyarov, a spokesman for the Kazakh Foreign Ministry, called Zakharova’s tone “contradictory to the nature of allied relations between Kazakhstan and Russia as equal strategic partners.”

Smadiyarov stressed that the Ukrainian ambassador would leave Kazakhstan when a new Ukrainian ambassador was appointed.

Earlier, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Kazakhstan, Petr Vrublevsky, left Kazakhstan at the request of the authorities and went to Poland.

Prior to this, the diplomat was summoned to the Foreign Ministry because of his calls to kill Russians, which he voiced in an interview with blogger Dias Kuzairov.

Later, Vrublevsky officially apologized for his words and went on vacation, Smadiyarov said.

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