The Ministry of Defense announced the suspension of Russia’s participation in the grain deal. News of the day in the world and Russia today

Russia suspends participation in the grain deal after Kyiv committed a terrorist attack against the ships of the Black Sea Fleet in the waters of Sevastopol.

This statement was made by the Russian Ministry of Defense on Saturday, October 29.

They indicated that the decision was made “taking into account the terrorist act carried out on October 29 by the Kyiv regime with the participation of British specialists against ships of the Black Sea Fleet and civilian ships involved in ensuring the security of the“ grain corridor ”.

Thus, the Russian side ceases to participate in the implementation of agreements on the export of agricultural products from the ports of Ukraine.

As clarified in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Moscow cannot guarantee the safety of dry cargo ships participating in the grain deal, and suspends it for an indefinite period.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova pointed out that Moscow, together with the Russian competent departments, is working out practical steps in connection with the involvement of British specialists in preparing a terrorist attack in the Black Sea on October 29 and training the Ukrainian military.

Later, Russia officially notified UN Secretary General António Guterres of the suspension of participation in the grain deal.

As noted in the letter of the permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the world organization Vasily Nebenzi, the ships and port infrastructure of Sevastopol, which were attacked, were used to ensure the operation of the humanitarian corridor.

On October 29, ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet repelled an attack by unmanned aerial vehicles in the waters of the Sevastopol Bay.

As spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Lieutenant-General Igor Konashenkov, said, nine unmanned aerial vehicles and seven autonomous marine drones were involved in the attack.

Konashenkov also said that, according to available information, the attack on Sevastopol was carried out under the leadership of British specialists located in the city of Ochakov, Mykolaiv region of Ukraine.

According to the governor of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, the purpose of Kyiv during the morning attack was the military facilities of the Black Sea Fleet. He clarified that there were no casualties.

The grain deal was concluded in July in Istanbul.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and UN Secretary General António Guterres signed a memorandum on facilitating the supply of Russian agricultural products and fertilizers to world markets.

In parallel, the Ukrainian delegation signed an agreement with Turkey and the UN on the export of grain.

On October 14, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia would close the grain corridor if it was confirmed that the explosives for the October 8 terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge were taken out of Odessa on a grain truck.

On October 3, the head of the UN Conference on Trade and Development, Rebeca Greenspan, noted that almost 48% of the grain exported from Ukraine via the Black Sea goes to developed countries, and 52% to developing countries. It is impossible to know exactly what the final destination of grain exports is, she said.

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