The Ministry of Defense named the categories of citizens who are not subject to partial mobilization. News of the day in the world and Russia today

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has clarified the categories of citizens who do not fall under partial mobilization. The list is published in the Telegram channel of the military department.

The Ministry of Defense explained that employees of organizations that provide high-tech industries and the financial system will not be subject to partial mobilization. They clarified that we are talking about employees with higher education in the relevant specialties and areas of training.

The Ministry of Defense emphasized that in order to exempt citizens from conscription, a reason is needed – they will be lists that the heads of the relevant organizations will have to draw up in the prescribed form and submit to the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

Employees of organizations in the field of IT will not fall under the mobilization. We are talking about employees who are involved in the development, implementation, maintenance and operation of information technology solutions that ensure the functioning of the information infrastructure.

Russian telecom operators will also become an exception. Partial mobilization does not include organizations involved in ensuring the stability, security and integrity of the operation of communication facilities, data processing centers, facilities and public communication lines.

Organizations in the field of information, too, may not be subject to partial mobilization. We are talking about backbone organizations in the field of information and communications, as well as their interdependent persons, “who act as founders and (or) editorial office, and (or) publisher of a registered media outlet, and (or) broadcaster of a TV channel, radio channel, as well as those involved in the production and (or) distribution of media products”.

Exceptions also apply to the financial sector. Here we mean organizations that ensure the stability of the national payment system and financial market infrastructure, bank liquidity management, and cash circulation.

The deferral will only be given to full-time employees.

According to the Ministry of Digital Development, those with higher education and full-time employees of the IT industry and the communications sector can get the right to defer.

The Ministry clarified that the head of the organization will have to confirm that specific employees are involved in the activities listed by the Ministry of Defense.

Previously, a delay was given to employees of defense enterprises. Employees of the military-industrial enterprises (DIC) receive a deferment, but only for the duration of their work.

This is stated in the decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin on partial mobilization.

As follows from the clarifications of the General Staff, published on September 22, in accordance with the law, they will not call for:

  • temporarily unfit for health reasons;

  • those who are constantly caring for a family member or a disabled person of group I;

  • those who have four or more dependent children under 16;

  • those whose mothers, in addition to them, have four or more children under eight years of age and raise them without a husband.

Retired military pensioners are also not subject to the call for partial mobilization, that is, those who are over 65 years old, or those who left the troops for health reasons, are deregistered.

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