TENGA Rocket Bright Red Aircraft Unveiled for the First Time Used for Data Collection

"TENGA for Space" Development Horiemon also Cooperated

It was published the fuselage of the “TENGA rocket” that will be launched into space in prospect this summer. The unmanned rocket with a total length of about 10 m is painted in red and the TENGA brand message “Love, Freedom, and TENGA” is printed. Load measurement equipment and launch it into space to collect data for the development of “TENGA for space”.

The rocket is an improved version of the “MOMO” series manufactured by Space Venture Interstellar Technologies (IST, Taiki-Cho, Hokkaido) launched by Takafumi Horie. It is scheduled to be launched to an altitude of 100 km, which is the boundary between the atmosphere and outer space, and data such as changes in temperature, humidity, and pressure under zero gravity will be collected during about 240 seconds of free-fall toward the ground.

According to Koichi Matsumoto, president of TENGA, the specifications of TENGA for space have not been decided in detail, but the aim is to make it smaller and lighter than conventional products and not to wash it after use.

In outer space, in addition to collecting data, we will also make two other efforts. One is the return of crowdfunding, which is collecting the cost of preparing for the launch of the rocket. Launch a “TENGA-type pod” loaded with messages written by supporters into outer space.

The other is verification of whether the luggage released in outer space can be collected on the ground. The equipment used in other efforts and the doll “TENGA Robot” that imitates TENGA are released to the earth as a payload. See if they can be recovered at a later date.

According to IST, there is no example of a Japanese private company ejecting a payload in space and recovering it on the ground. Mr. Horie said, “(If the experiment is successful) it will be an example that it is possible to carry out experiments in outer space even with a low budget. It will open the door to utilization in entertainment.”

President Matsumoto explained how he developed the rocket in collaboration with IST, “I was attracted to IST’s manufacturing nerds and called out to Mr. Horie around 2011.” Regarding the launch, “TENGA for space has been a dream since its founding. (Through this initiative), we aim to be a pioneer of” sex devices in space “in the age of space life. Similarly (like this time). ) Space rockets may also be used for applications that we have never seen. We would like to actively aim for such a future. ”

IST also provides rockets other than TENGA, so he said that the successful launch this summer will lead to proof of stability. We plan to live stream the launch of the TENGA rocket and the launch of the pods. However, the site tour, which was originally planned to be implemented as a countermeasure for the new corona, will not be conducted, and the launch date will not be disclosed until just before.

The “TENGA Rocket Project” started when Koichi Matsumoto, president of TENGA, and Takafumi Horie, the founder of Interstellar Technologies, co-starred on a TV program. The rocket released this time is based on the sounding rocket “MOMO” of Interstellar Technologies and is designed based on the TENGA brand message “Love, Freedom, and TENGA”. One of the missions is to release the POD carrying the message of 1000 people into space, so it is characterized by being equipped with a uniquely developed release mechanism. In addition, the rocket will also be equipped with TENGA for data measurement, and it is planned to collect data for the development of TENGA for space.

The launch is scheduled for the summer of 2021, and the state of the day will be broadcast live on YouTube and Nico Nico Douga. In addition, as a countermeasure against COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection), the launch will be completely unattended, and we will refrain from announcing the specific schedule until just before to prevent visitors from gathering around.

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