Tereza Ramba appeared in public after a long illness: She burst into tears at the corner of a book

Teresa Ramba appeared in public for the first time after an illness that brought down her and her entire family. The actress fell ill with the corona virus, which was followed by other diseases. She stayed at home for almost two whole months with the children, so everyone took care of their holidays. When they didn’t know that they were infected with covid-19, they also invited her’s mother to their house for help, whom they managed to infect that way.

My mother used to help me when we didn’t know what was wrong with us, so we gifted her with covid, she described Rambo on social media, where she shared one sick photo with her fans. On it, a head bound with cloth and Hvzdika, like the children of Mia, reared in a den.

In the picture, he looks really skinny and has lost a lot of weight. But this is different, Tereza is healthy as ever, so she set out to read a book of portraits of an American woman photographed by Tomki Nmec.

At the event, she just lived and broke dreams. Her presentation Ameriknka m a big rush, in addition to theater productions, it also managed to be filmed as one of the so-called covid films. I have an American woman and her daughter.

Tereza Rambo was moved by the kiss, and when the first blow struck, she did not hold back her tears. She herself admitted that the image is very strong, not only for a girl, but also for her as an actress.

Book cover by Tomki Nmc

It doesn’t always work, but when it does, I even have to step out of the role for the first time, she recognized the five-year-old actor with the fact that he often turns to the sound of pbhu and knows what he can do with the psyche. According to the others, the German also captured this perfectly.

I think that Tomki can take a great picture of that moment on the border of stupidity, Teresa added.

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