Thank you. Tchaiwansk dm hired a stripper for windmills

The Sttem-run institution hired a stripper for Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations. In addition to them, she offered bingo or karaoke to her twelve clients in wheelchairs who suffer from immobility, dementia and other diseases. The stripper was introduced but excelled.

Mainly because, when she came out, she approached one of the girls at a very gentle distance, so close that she could press her hands against his face. Stak succumbed to the linen and caressed his core, she his bald head where she planted a kiss.

The dancer was fine, the audience was fine, so there was no problem at risk of the coronavirus. Criticism caused by the release of the video was aimed at the sheer intimacy of the stripper’s performance.

The purpose of the event was to entertain the residents, make them sweat. We are very sorry for the trouble you caused, according to the New York Post, the operator of the home said in a statement. They explained that the celebration of the holiday had to be canceled due to the pandemic, so they were trying to encourage the spirits of the accommodated veterans this time. Performed by strippers, they declared them to be aggressive and hot. We will be careful, they wrote.

Tickling freedom for the future

It wasn’t quite a bag of striptease in a home for military retirees. In Taiwan, dancers, but also strippers, for example, can be seen on the streets, The Telegraph noted. As an example, there is a dinner for the local politician Tung Hsiang in the city of Yiai in 2017, he was also attended by fifty dancers at the dance floor. At the time, the family explained that they wanted a land that was alive, exciting, deprived of a moment, honored.

At the time, the Internet public was not shocked by the incident. Go for it! the paper quotes one of those reactions on the Weibo social network. Jin burst into tears: It seems that when it comes to funerals, Taiwan is in first place.

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