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Senior Analyst, Aton Investment Group Mikhail Ganelin in an interview with the agency “Prime” named three ways to securely invest finances.

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Ganelin believes that the safest place to invest is in real estate, dollars and gold. This is especially true for long-term planning. “Real estate is traditionally considered a good hedge against inflation. Over a long horizon, over ten years, for example, real estate prices rose on average by two to three percentage points faster than inflation over the same period, ”the specialist noted.

You can try to find a long-term deposit with a good rate in a good bank in order to get guaranteed profitability, Ganelin said. He also recommended that those who can afford a little risk should pay attention to bonds and stocks. “Dividend yield can fluctuate from 7 to 15 percent per year. However, one must be prepared that the share price may not only rise, but also fall. In times of crisis, which often come unexpectedly, stocks can fall by 50 percent or more, ”he concluded.

Earlier, the founder of the investment company Klopenko Group Egor Klopenko uncovered a way to profitably invest 10 thousand rubles. The expert warned that such investments should be treated as if it were 10 million rubles. “You should always remember that investment is not a lottery. It is necessary to reject all investment methods that are combined with very high risks, ”said the entrepreneur.

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