The author of the cycle “Lords of the Runes”, science fiction writer Dave Wolverton, died

American science fiction writer Dave Wolverton, also known as David Farland, died on January 14 at the age of 65. Dave was a respected and prolific author, a NYT best-selling author, and was rewarded for his work with accolades and nominations such as the Philip K. Dick and Nebula Awards.

Wolverton died in an accident, falling down the stairs and hitting his head – the writer had a stroke. Dave died early in the morning without coming out of a coma. This was announced on Facebook by his son.

Wolverton was born in Oregon in 1957. He started writing in the 80s for a commercial purpose – participating, as a college student, in literary competitions to earn money for food. The first triumph happened already in the late 80s, when Dave reworked his prize story into a novel, and things started to go.

On account of Wolverton / Farland there are several cycles (“Golden Queen”, “Lords of the Runes”, “Charovran the Mouse”), participation in important inter-author series (“Secret materials”, “Alien and Predator Universe”, heavy work on “Star Wars”), many stories. The author’s works were often translated into Russian.

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