The breakup took a turn for the worse: Aneta does not want to leave Kolek’s house, he prefers apartments on the ground floor

It’s been a month since Petr Koleko (38) broke up with Aneta Vignerová (34), but their relationship is still not over. Since they have a small son together, the breakup will be amicable, maybe the screenwriter was filling in. Rd would be free for new love Denisa Nesvailová, but they shouldn’t argue about where the model will live with the boy. How is it fzi?

Screenwriter Peter Koleko would be rd if for a relationship with bvala miss Aneta Vignerová had to put on a fat hand and could only be free for an actress Denis Nesvailova. There is a guy who has to live here, and this is the place where the model will live with their son Jiko.

As we wrote here, the film is actually both the apartment in Holeovice Prague and the house near Nymburk, where they lived as a family until recently, when Petr moved to Kobylis Prague to find a new lover. Aneta then bought a small villa.

According to the Expres source, tension may arise because of the house, but not before. Miss doesn’t want to move out of the house, because the little boy is used to being there and it is his home, which she herself has planned to the last detail.

Jene Koleko would really like a lot of love from the property for himself and Denisa. But what about an ex-partner?

Dm pat only Petr Kolek.

Nesvailov and Koleko sat together, but they didn’t act as usual.

I should send one ad after another for a rented apartment so that she can choose where she would like to live with her son. Finann would fall for it, he revealed to Express

As it really is, none of the residents wants to comment, but it turns out that it doesn’t turn out to be the case in the end. However, for the sake of the child, both of them should want to find one as quickly as possible so that this love triangle has as little impact on their son as possible.

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