The cold water in the pools is not a danger, assure the managers of the swimming areas

The draw for ten crowns is from the entrance to the Olomouc Swimming Stadium.

We are not going to introduce price changes this year on the day of closure, assured Dalibor Pikryl, the chairman of the board of the Aquapark Olomouc company. An hour of swimming up to 95 crowns.

In Perov, don’t expect a health care center yet. But you can’t change me. None of us yet knew what to drink, said Frantiek Pohl, the head of operations of the Aquacenter and Bratruovskho spa, for the Umper bath.

Visitors to the Aquapark Koupelka and Municipal Baths in Prostjov had to deal with this entrance fee last summer.

This year, the prices in the baths have increased by ten crowns per hour and in the baths by twenty crowns for all-day admission, informed Vladimr Pra, manager of the Domovn sprva company Prostjov.

Water cooled? Maximln about a step

In Prostjov, you also want to save by cooling the water in the pool. We take the temperature, but only a little. A maximum of one step, Pra specified.

Don’t worry about temperature drops in the Olomouc water park and indoor pool.

During the day, we do not sleep with the temperature control both in the pools and in the showers. This also applies to heated spaces. Athletes, cyclists and athletes can expect the standard they are used to, Pikryl, the chairman of the board of directors, assured the Olomouc organization.

I don’t intend to lower the water temperature even in the indoor pool in Perov. Every drop in the water temperature by a single degree Celsius would mean more indoor activities, rental of sports clubs and bikes, explained Jaroslav Hzl, CEO of the company Sportovit Perov.

At 22 degrees, the swimmer is cold

In Perov, at the end of the holidays, an experiment was carried out after information appeared that the water in the pools would be cooled to 22 degrees Celsius due to energy prices.

According to Hzl, at that time the temperature was the same in the outdoor swimming pool in Peru, where the swimming club held a test swim.

We swam for an hour, kilometers in total. Not in one piece, but at intervals of thorns. After 40 minutes, it was cold and so cold that the woman wanted to get into the indoor pool with a water temperature of 26.5 degrees and swim there, Hzl pointed out.

Water parks and the pool cover consumed more energy this year than last year. It is related to the loosening of the rules around covid-19 restrictions and full operation without restrictions on operating hours, explained Pikryl. Energy prices have thus suddenly increased by tens of percent.

Due to the fact that this year is the end of the fixation of electric energy, rising energy prices have not yet significantly affected the economy of bathers in Prostjov. In the case of mining, the investment in heating fell by 600,000 crowns, but by the end of the year we expect an increase of more than a million crowns, summarized Pra.

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