The commander of the Russian airliner that almost collapsed due to icing revealed the details of the flight

The commander of the A321 passenger aircraft flying on the route Magadan – Novosibirsk and nearly collapsed due to icing, told how the pilots managed to save the ship.

According to Mikhail Kulagin, the problems began immediately after the airliner took off.

“Literally 2 minutes after takeoff, all instruments that measure speed, altitude and everything else were frozen. Everything refused, and there was a leapfrog, ”he told the Baza Telegram channel.

He also said that dips began in height up to two thousand meters. All this lasted about 10-15 minutes. It was not possible to land the plane at the airport of departure due to inoperative devices. The commander released the emergency situation only in the Yakutsk zone, when the anti-icing system began to cope with the ice.

The airline suggested that de-icing at the Magadan airport could be carried out not according to the rules. Thus, icing could form not only in the sky, but also when the plane was still on the ground.

After the incident during the proceedings passenger plane crew suspended from work.

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