The condition of roofs in the capital in winter is monitored using video cameras

Frost and icicles, which at any moment can fall from the roof on the heads of passers-by, are worse for public utilities than any snowfall. A new video monitoring for roofs, which was launched in the capital, should protect Muscovites.

In previous years, poorly cleaned roofs in subordinate territories were identified by inspectors from the Moscow Housing Inspection and the Association of Administrative and Technical Inspections of Moscow. But try to go around after a snowfall all the buildings, if there are thousands of them, and there are dozens of inspectors. The residents, of course, also helped by sending pictures of overhanging ice blocks from their smartphones to the Our City portal.

But before the specialists went to the object, several more days were required to process the information received. And a lot could have happened during this time. Camcorders spur management companies to work faster. Their lenses are aimed at 30 thousand roofs so far: 23.5 thousand residential buildings and 6.5 thousand roofs of social, educational, cultural and sports facilities. All information received from the cameras comes to the Center for Automated Recording of Administrative Offenses in Moscow.

As the project manager Kira Shakhova told “RG”, 26 operators should, for example, watch 28 thousand screenshots a day after a snowfall. This is the time given to the public utilities to clean the roofs. Finding buildings in icicles or ice, they send a letter to the management company. If no action is taken after two or three days, the signal is sent to the Moscow Housing Inspectorate.

“The cameras are programmed so that they shoot not one, but several objects, and one shot is enough to determine whether the roof was cleaned or not,” says Shakhova. Icicles are another matter. If the operator still finds them in the picture, the information immediately transfers to the OATI or Moscow Housing Inspection supervisory authorities. ”This violation threatens the management company as an organization with a fine of up to 200 thousand rubles, and for officials – up to 20 thousand rubles.

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