The correspondent of “RG” told the schoolchildren about the work of the journalist – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The “RG” correspondent told about the main newspaper of the country and the profession of a journalist to the fifth-graders of the 8th school of the Kuzbass city of Topki. The lesson took place thanks to the career guidance project “One Hundred Roads – One Mine”.

About how I chose my own path at school (thanks to the teacher of Russian and literature), how I wrote the first notes in a real newspaper, not a wall newspaper, when I suddenly saw my own lines, still hot, just cast from metal in a printing house … Times change. Newspapers have long been made differently. Technology and technology have gone far ahead. The Internet has become an integral part of the work of the media.

But there is something that no supergadgets will take away from the profession and, probably, will not add to it. Choose the main thing. Tell about the most important things so that you will be understood. To knock, support, protect, help … Get to the farthest corner to see with your own eyes. And write about what he saw in the “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

“How many times did you fly on business trips by plane and helicopter (saw the president, governor)?”, “Do you have a vacation (days off)?”, “What is your salary (fee)?” … they asked so many questions that the lesson was barely enough for a dialogue. And the virtual tour of the modern editorial office in Moscow aroused particular interest. It was possible to carry it out with the help of a TV story recorded for the 30th anniversary of “RG”. And one of the boys finally said: “That’s it, I’ll go to work for the newspaper.”

The guys from the 5th “D” have already tried on the profession of a journalist, as well as an editor, proofreader, photojournalist and even an advertising agent. The team role-playing game under the guidance of teachers and a former correspondent of the Topkinskaya city newspaper helped.

The schoolchildren plunged into new roles for themselves for a whole month. We studied newspaper genres – from note to reportage. After that, in the creative workshop “We are journalists”, each team published its own newspaper.

And before that, I got acquainted with many other professions and specialties. In the Dream Park workshop, the children completed tasks on architecture and landscape design, in another lesson they learned what drones are, what they are used for, and how an unmanned aerial vehicle operator works. And on an excursion to the Kemerovo technical school of the food industry and the service sector, together with the future pastry chefs and bakers, they sculpted dough products.

A career guidance project, in which pupils from the first to the 11th grades participate, started in Kuzbass in March 2018. It includes several schools and lyceums of the region, employment centers, enterprises and parents of students.

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