The cost of apartments in new buildings increased by an average of one third

Prices for apartments in new buildings in five large cities of the country have increased by 30 percent or more. They have risen most in price in Sochi – almost twice, but other large cities of the country are not lagging behind the capital of the 2014 Olympics. RG correspondents sorted out the reasons.

For example, in the Central District of Sochi, an apartment in a new building with an area of ​​35 “squares” at the beginning of last year cost about seven million rubles, and now its cost is already 12 million.

Yulia Usacheva, President of the Guild of Realtors of Sochi, believes that a sharp rise in apartment prices in the city began during the pandemic. Many regions announced a lockdown, and it was simply uncomfortable to be there. In turn, life in Sochi was in full swing, residents of other regions were drawn into it, which gave a serious surge in the resort’s real estate market, and land plots rose even more – about three times.

By the way, in some micro-districts of the main city of the region – Krasnodar, the cost per square meter has grown even by one hundred percent and more. We are talking about its historical center and residential complexes located near it. A one-room apartment without renovation will cost the buyer about seven million rubles.

“The price formation was influenced by the subsidized mortgage rate from two to six percent and the increase in the size of maternity capital,” Andranik Gevorkyan, head of the human rights organization in the field of real estate, Group of Companies 123, said in a conversation with the Rossiyskaya Gazeta correspondent. – Everyone knows how the prices for apartments in Sochi have soared recently, so many people prefer to buy housing in the regional center, and, naturally, this trend leads to an increase in the cost of square meters.

An increase in the cost of apartments against the background of a high outflow of the population to warmer regions is noted in Murmansk. In the Arctic, new housing is practically not being built, and therefore more and more expensive is a square meter in “secondary housing”.

“It is impossible to assess the rise in prices in the primary housing market in our city, there is no construction here,” notes Yulia Andreeva, President of the Murmansk Regional Guild of Realtors. – As for the secondary market, according to our data, over the past year apartments have risen in price by an average of 30-40 percent. This growth is based on latent inflation, which is very high, as well as on investment demand, when buyers seek to invest depreciating money in real estate and then rent out the acquired real estate. In my opinion, the first and main reason is precisely inflation.

All “historical” records have broken the prices for apartments in new buildings in Omsk – a square meter has almost doubled over the past year, and its cost exceeded 84 thousand rubles, which is why the average price of an apartment in a new multi-storey building is already 4.6-4.7 million rubles.

Experts believe that the sharp rise in prices is due to the rush demand associated with preferential mortgage programs. Meanwhile, it is expected that in the near future the demand for new buildings in the city will go down again – banks are raising mortgage rates, and the purchasing power of Omsk residents is not getting higher.

Novokuznetsk was among the cities with the highest growth in prices for new buildings. “Today, a one-room apartment in a new building is being put up for sale for 4.3 million rubles, while in January 2021 it cost 3.3 million,” Evgenia Karsten, a specialist at the Etazhi real estate agency, told RG. grew by 30-40 percent, and recently they have made a real breakthrough. “

Kemerovo is not lagging behind Novokuznetsk – new buildings there have risen in price by 50 percent.

– However, prices have increased throughout the region. Firstly, in our country, as well as throughout the country, there has been a sharp jump in the cost of building materials. This is one of the main factors, – notes the Minister of Construction of Kuzbass Irina Pecherkina. – Plus, the action of the preferential mortgage program led to the fact that the demand in the market exceeded supply. The programs for the demolition of damaged houses also played a role. So there was probably no way to avoid the rise in the cost of housing.

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