The court in Chelyabinsk overturns the verdict in the case of the poster about the FSB and terrorism – RBK

An activist from Chelyabinsk filed a complaint with the ECHR about torture with an electric shock to the FSB

According to the investigation, Tsibukovsky and Safonova hung a banner with the words “FSB is the main terrorist” on the fence of the FSB department in the Chelyabinsk region, they were detained in April 2020 in Tula and arrested. wrote Kommersant.

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At the beginning of October 2019 Tsibukovsky filed a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). In the document, the activist stated that he did not resist the arrest, but he was thrown to the floor, his hands were twisted and handcuffed. Then, when they were taken to the FSB building, an electric shock was used against them, “they were given electric shocks, punched with hands on various parts of the body,” he said. Tsibukovsky also added that he received threats of violence against his girlfriend from department employees. Under pressure, the activist summed up, he had to call himself the organizer of the action and give the evidence necessary for the investigation, after which he was informed about the status of a suspect in the case. After the inspection, Tsibukovsky said, he was refused to initiate a criminal case.

Activists with a poster about Navalny were detained on Red Square

Photo: Alexander Shcherbak / TASS

The couple was later placed under house arrest, and in November 2020, a court banned them from certain actions. The prosecutor’s office requested six years in prison for the suspects. The court announced the verdict in early September, Tsibukovsky and Safonov sentenced to two and a half and two years of imprisonment in a general regime colony under the article on hooliganism based on political hatred and enmity (part 2 of article 213 of the Criminal Code). The maximum term of punishment for it is imprisonment for up to seven years.

The court then concluded that, in addition to placing a poster on the fence, the activists threw a burning fire into the courtyard of the department’s office, and a video of the action was published on the Internet.

Tsibukovsky and Safonova were also accused because of the drawings on the transformer box against the pension reform under the article on vandalism (part 2 of article 214 of the Criminal Code). The court decided to release them from punishment due to the expiration of the statute of limitations.

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