The court recovered from Edward Beale RUB 27 thousand due to transport downtime after the accident – RBK

Edward Beale (left)

Edward Beale (left)

(Photo: AGN “Moscow”)

The magistrate of the Moscow district Maryino satisfied the claim of Mosgortrans against Eduard Beale, who is known as the blogger Edward Beal. He was ordered to pay Mosgortrans 27 thousand rubles. for the downtime of public transport after the accident on April 1. About it informs information portal of the justices of the peace in Moscow.

According to the published decision, the court ruled to recover from Beel “losses caused by downtime in the amount of 26106 rubles. 21 kopecks. and the cost of paying the state fee in the amount of 983 rubles. 19 kopecks, and only 27,089 rubles. 40 kopecks “.

Five cars collided on the Garden Ring in Moscow

Photo: AGN

Mosgortrans filed lawsuit against Beale on September 20. The victims of the accident also demanded compensation. One of them, the State Duma consultant Maria Artemova, a blogger already paid off compensation for harm to health and property. The second victim filed a claim for 616 thousand rubles. to the Lublin Court of Moscow.

Road accident It happened April 1 at Novinsky Boulevard. Bill’s car Audi RS6 drove into the oncoming lane. After that, the blogger’s car rammed four cars. Upon the incident of the Ministry of Internal Affairs started criminal case, in July Bila sentenced to two years of restriction of freedom.

The culprit of the road accident on the Garden Ring has violated the rules more than 400 times since January

Photo: Mikhail Japaridze / TASS

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