The CSTO operation in Kazakhstan was developed in an hour KXan 36 Daily News

The CSTO operation in Kazakhstan “down to the details” was developed by the presidents of Russia and Belarus in a short period of time, President Alexander Lukashenko said at a meeting with the Belarusian peacekeeping contingent.

“To you, Belarusians and Russians, I will say more, without boasting. This whole operation, down to the details, was developed by two presidents – Russia and Belarus – within one hour. headquarters, the idea of ​​the two presidents, and in a few hours the first planes flew to Kazakhstan. Everything was done quickly and decisively, without hesitation,” the message of the President of Belarus says.

According to him, the transfer of a contingent of countries – allies of the CSTO in the shortest possible time eliminated the threat of destruction of the state, ensured the stabilization of the situation and the restoration of constitutional order in the country.

Recall protests in Kazakhstan started in the first days of 2022. Residents of the settlements of Zhanaozen and Aktau opposed the doubling of prices for liquefied gas. Then the protests spread to other cities. In response, the authorities declared a state of emergency throughout the country until January 19 and launched a counter-terrorism operation. The CSTO Collective Security Council decided to send collective peacekeeping forces to Kazakhstan to normalize the situation. At present, the CSTO forces are being withdrawn from the republic.

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