The day after the funeral, they quietly disappeared to the US. Meghan was sharp, there was no negotiation with the king

It was supposed to be a big deal, with Meghan set to request an audience with King Charles III, according to a reputable royal commentator who cited a royal source. Without Harry, only between the four eyes.

There was speculation as to what he intended to discuss with the new monarch. Will she pressure him to give titles to her children Archie and Lilibet, or will she surprise and try to repair the damaged family relations, in which she bears the biggest part.

However, there is no indication that such a meeting took place. The king went to Balmoral Castle after the funeral to finally get some rest, and Harry and Meghan quietly slipped on a plane and headed for Los Angeles on Tuesday, as reported by Page Six.

“Both sides were trying to fix it somehow. But despite these efforts, there was no rapprochement. Big families always go through some drama and turmoil, we just have to see if it brings them together or pulls them apart.” said CBS Mornings host and Meghan’s very good friend Gayle King, who was at the center of the Queen’s funeral.

Meghan Markle

It is currently difficult to estimate how well the family is on the road to mending burnt bridges. The funeral of Queen Elizabeth, mainly by the feuding brothers Harry and William, has stopped at least for a few moments, but a scarecrow hangs in the air in the form of a book that the Duke of Sussex is to publish in the foreseeable future.

In it, he has to write about his life in the royal family and his departure from it. And so, logically, the relatives are afraid of what kind of dirty laundry Harry intends to wash again.

When they left, everyone took a breather

Meanwhile, another book is being published in Britain, by journalist Katie Nicholl. It is called The New Royals and focuses on the deepening relationship between the Sussex family and the rest of the royal family.

In it, the author quotes a close family friend, according to whom, for example, Prince William was significantly relieved when his brother and his wife decided to leave Britain because the situation was becoming increasingly tense.

According to him, on one of his returns to his native land, Harry decided to initiate family reunions with the aim of mending the damaged relationships. He suggested to his father, then Prince Charles, that they could use a mediator, an expert in relationship issues. To this, his wife Camilla should have replied that this was a ridiculous proposal and that the family should solve the problems among themselves.

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