The deputy named the possible deadline for the adoption of the bill on COVID-certificates: Politics: Russia:

State Duma could pass a bill on COVID certificates in public places by February 1. This Izvestia confirmed First Deputy Chairman of the Health Protection Committee Fedot Tumusov

According to him, the parliamentarians had enough time to prepare amendments and legally work out the document. He recalled that the last day when departments and factions can propose changes is January 14. At the same time, most of the factions have already expressed their proposals – from setting the maximum price for tests to a unified procedure for obtaining vaccination certificates.

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January 12 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin warned about possible new outbreaks of coronavirus infection in the country. The head of state believes that the New Year holidays could not but affect the situation with COVID-19 in the country. He also gave Cabinet of Ministers for two weeks to prepare for the next blow of the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier to the State Duma made draft amendments concerning the use of vaccination certificates. Russians who have covid certificates who have been vaccinated or have been ill with COVID-19 will have the opportunity to attend public events, cultural organizations, cafes and restaurants, as well as retail outlets. In addition, the bill provides for the possibility of being in public places for people who have a medical disqualification from vaccination.

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