The director of “Don’t Look Up” supported the critics of the film Russian news EN

Director of “Don’t Look Up” Adam McKay supported the critics of his film. About it informs IndieWire.

The cinematographer noted that such tapes are part of the amazing time in which we live. In his opinion, viewers have every right to leave negative reviews about the picture.

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“People must hate them [фильмы], love, discuss. We welcome negative feedback. I actually think it’s really good that people should be fighting, that they should be passionate about it,” McKay said.

Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up will have its world premiere in December 2021. It tells the story of two scientists who learn of a giant meteorite approaching Earth and turn to the media in hopes of warning the world of the danger.

Previously became knownthat actor Leonardo DiCaprio during the filming of Don’t Look Up, he saved two of his dogs by jumping into an icy lake after them and pulling them out. Filming took place in the winter in one of the northern regions of the United States, where DiCaprio brought his pets.

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