The doctor called the omicron’s feature causing an “outrageous load” on hospitals: Society: Russia:

A carrier of the omicron strain of coronavirus can infect about a hundred people at a time. About this TV channel “Moscow 24“Said the immunologist-allergist Vladimir Bolibok

According to him, omicron is the most infectious not only of all the previous variants of COVID-19, but also of other diseases. Before that, measles was the most contagious disease, but a new mutation of the coronavirus has surpassed it, the doctor said.

In order to infect another person, ordinary conversation or even yawning is enough. “If one person coughed or sneezed, then this number will be enough for 100 people at once,” Bolibok said. The specialist warned that because of this, “an outrageous burden on health care” is possible, and therefore not all sick people will be able to receive assistance.

Formerly Bolibok statedthat due to the boom in vaccinations in late November – early December last year, the peak of omicron in Russia is likely to be smoothed out. He said that those who were vaccinated in late November – early December will definitely be protected until February. For those who were vaccinated more than six months ago, the doctor recommended an urgent revaccination.

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