The edge of the Motorist campaign: Squadrons in traffic jams! The pirates would catch it, to Macinka

You have quite a string full of how to ease the burst of traffic. A motorist wants, for example, one free parking card or metro.

The newly founded movement is understandably not among the favorites in the Prague elections, but it would overcome the five percent threshold necessary to enter the council. And so he tries to find as many sympathizers as possible.

The motorist is going to catch it. They launched a contact campaign in the name of lions, i.e. in the streets of Prague during the morning and afternoon peak hours. Work your way through traffic jams and reach out to them.

many of them react very positively. It can be seen that the idea is in traffic jams, because people in Motorist tricks conjured up smiles for them, to the satisfaction of Ldr Petr Macinka.

If they split up their Pirti squadrons like this in traffic jams, I’m afraid that it would soon lead to violence, not to the thanks for the courage that we hear, Tell him which of the billboards says that he doesn’t want your Prague to be attacked by Pirty.

The leader of the new political party Motorist sob, which wants to succeed in the upcoming municipal elections, is Petr Macinka.

The motorist defines himself as a bicycle lane, their death destroys everything.

The first cycle-terrorist was standing up to us, saying that we had split up on Karlov Square and were standing stupidly in the lane for cyclists, so they couldn’t pass, which amused me. It was on our Facebook pages. We said that no cyclist had ever ridden the same road on that bike lane. And maybe there will be a normal lane for cars after the elections, as it should be, describes Macinka amused.

The reindeer motorist started a very spicy contact campaign.

If the idea is to respond to the Reindeer Motorists, all the volunteers of the movement agree.

I was surprised by several Christian women who stopped in their (pretty luxurious) cars, rolled down the window, smiled sweetly and cheered for the squadron. and there are only rumors about delusional panics in expensive cars! And not a lot of people waved at me from their cars, honked their horns to greet me and expressed their support with a double thumbs up. When I had a chance to talk to someone, they probably knew the Motorist side, described one of the sympathizers, Jan Jirkal.

Nuselsk most is the site of several traffic jams.

If Motorists are the exact opposite of the ruling Pirts, Mayor Zdenk Hib says big interview for he let it be heard that even though he thinks the movement’s program is absurd, he likes the project.

Straight up? I hope you don’t bleed for anything. Have a clear choice of darkness. The darkness is absurd from my point of view, because, for example, think that we are repairing Barrank, who would it probably fall with if it were allowed to go as far as the governments before them did? Of course, you’re a motorist. And who are we fixing the roads for? But what I personally like about them is that they are not covered like you by the ODS, which one day gives an interview that they see all cycle lanes, and the next day another interview comes out saying that they don’t see cycle lanes. Or when, ten years ago, Bohuslav Svoboda claimed that metro D was useless, and you pretended to support it. He also said that we have to close the road in the center and draw cycle lanes on it, and he is again a big fighter against cyclists. If I disagree with how you do it, be clear about what you want to do with the name Motorist. It’s nice and clear the primtor stated.

Municipal elections will take place on Friday the 23rd and Saturday the 24th. On the first day, the polling stations will be open from 2 to 10 p.m., on the second day from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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