The first batch of Pronsky reservists was sent to the military training center

The first batch of Pronsky reservists was sent to the training center of the military unit

On September 22, the first batch of pronsky and old-timer reservists was again called up for military service. The night before, they received summons from the military registration and enlistment office, and at 11 am on the second day of partial mobilization, the officers went to work first, followed by the soldiers.

“We sent military personnel, they became such, having received a special mark on their military ID today, to the training center,” said Yevgeny Antonov, military commissar of the Pronsky and Starozhilovsky districts. – In the military unit, the guys will undergo combat training before starting to carry out the tasks set by the command. Our assistants assigned to the military registration and enlistment office and the heads of local settlements help to carry out the mobilization. By the way, many of the organizational issues were taken over by the heads late in the evening of September 21, and they worked with us all night.”

Before being sent to serve as a military commissar, Antonov explained to the former reservists that they were now at the disposal of the Russian army. He asked the Pronchans and Starozhilovtsy to fulfill their military duty with honor, to carry the title of Russian soldier with pride.

Mobilization continues, new agendas have already been handed over.

“She will go until further notice,” the military commissar explained.

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