The first details from the coronation of King Karl: It will be shorter, nicer and cheaper. And when?

Preparations for the coronation of Charles III. they bear the name Golden Orb, i.e. the Golden Apple, and started immediately after the spectacular death of the Queen of Albata II.

The public probably won’t know the information for some time, certainly not in the following week, which has been raging after the emotional tornado of the last few days spent at Balmoral in Scotland, but the first information has begun to seep to the surface.

For example, slowly, but surely, an example of when the coronation should take place began to crystallize. According to sources from around the Krlovsk family, it will be May or April, reported The Sun.

Even the current worst specific day is the 2nd of Red. Not by chance, it was on this day in 1953 that the crown was placed on the head of Queen Albert II in Westminster Abbey. Karel could thus be crowned seventy years after his mother, and it is certain that the ceremonial dinner will be full of references to his reign.

There is no rush for the coronation and it is necessary to put a lot of effort into it. But it will be May or April, that is the preferred time, and the birthday is called the day of the queen’s coronation on July 2, I am one of the sources from the Krlovsk family.

Her coronation was a firestorm for the BBC. For the first time in the history of television, it was broadcast iv. The transfer took you hours and you can still find it divided into several hundreds on YouTube.

And let it become clear. According to him, the coronation will be drastically cut compared to the one the world saw seventy years ago. King Karel wants it modest, short, and therefore cheaper. He has been proclaiming for a long time that he wants to destroy the monarchy, and the coronation will most likely be a reflection of that.

Krl has long been aware of the problems, with which the British will be saved. His aim is for the coronation ceremony to remain true to historical traditions, but also to represent the monarchy in the modern world. He has long been a supporter of an efficient and compact monarchy, and the project of a modest coronation is the answer to his vision, uvd another source of the Daily Mirror.

Charles III reigned. he became automatically immediately after the death of Queen Albata II., the official name was named two days later. The coronation is a symbolic act, but it is a big social event for fans of the royal family from all over the world.

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