The first interview with Terez’s new dog: Have we known each other since the beginning, when the spark flew?

Let’s understand each other, it works for us. She’s a smart girl and she used all her mistakes he liked Expresu Kov, who used to go to the same warehouse with Hlkova. They didn’t hang out with each other then, but soon they became friends and soon a spark flew!

Teresa Hlkov she served five years in Pakistan for drug possession of heroin. When she secretly returned to her home this year, many thought that the young woman would have a big problem adjusting to a normal life and finding a loving friend.

However, these assumptions were not fulfilled, and since returning to her native country, Tereza has found a second acquaintance. His Instagram profile is now full of loving pictures with the twenty-nine-year-old footballer Marin Kov.

We don’t ride together yet, but we are very personal, we know each other at the bicycle warehouse, said Tereza Hlkov, the editor of Expres, who is now doing really well.

Tereza with her dog Marin

It works for us, Terka studied Latin and sat down with her family

Expres also connected with Terez’s new partner. Kov has made no secret of his feelings for Tereza after breaking up with MMA fighter Kotalka, and it is clear that this is really on his mind.

Things are great with Terka. Let’s understand each other, it works for us. She is a completely normal and smart girl who used her mistakes. I followed her case. She made a mistake, she’s aware of it, and now she’s got a second chance at a normal life, and it’s up to her how she deals with it. I will learn Latin, Kov told him, only then did he describe how he got together with Tereza himself.

We used to go to the same warehouse, that’s true, but we became friends, and after him, I was from Pakistan. One day she wrote to me on Instagram that she would be working at our restaurant and I would like to chat with her. I did, a spark flew and we are together. She sat down with her family, there was no problem there. And if it is vn? That uke as, added the new bird freed by Teresa.

Tereza showed the new dog. She has known the likeable football player since childhood.

I took a large pension and I couldn’t manage it, recalled Terezin’s friend

Marin Kov had the background of a very talented football player. He played for Slovacko, and because he had no pension, he was bought by an ambitious Jablonec a few years ago.

But now, at the age of twenty-nine, Kov only plays in the division for Holeov, and he slowly thinks about what he will do, and lifts his boots definitively to soft.

I got a big pension at the age of 18 and somehow I couldn’t manage it. Then she drank zrann and went downhill with me. Mm but tst, em still and football. Of course, I’m also thinking about the back, because the life of a footballer is very short, Marin Kov smiled at him.

My ambitions are below yours, but I’m not the youngest either. Now I’m focusing on Holeov, we have a great owner here who has a vision, so we’ll see what happens. I’m happy here for now added the footballer who is dating Tereza Hlková.

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