The Foreign Ministry drew NATO’s attention to security by comparing it with a herring: Politics: World:

Russia pays special attention to security guarantees and has developed interrelated and specific proposals. This was stated by the deputy head Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Grushko during a press conference after the meeting following the talks of the Council Russia – NATO (SRN), the broadcast is available on Youtube-channel TASS

“If we talk about safety, then this is not the Chuguev Philharmonic – we play here, we don’t play here, we wrap the herring here,” Grushko made a comparison. He noted that the Russian side presented to its Western colleagues absolutely interconnected proposals, which contain both the requirements for stopping NATO’s advance to the east, and the elements necessary for de-escalation.

Formerly Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance Jens Stoltenberg named condition for the progress of negotiations with the Russian side. De-escalation is needed for serious progress in the dialogue on security guarantees, he said.

In the afternoon of January 12 at Brussels ended a meeting of the RNC, the topic of which was the Russian proposals on security guarantees in Europe. According to the agency, the negotiations lasted more than four hours. It is clarified that they lasted longer than planned.

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