The Foreign Ministry named the reason for the intensification of tensions in Europe: Politics: Russia:

The entry of the former Soviet Baltic republics into NATO caused increased tension in Europe. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Alexander Grushkowrites TASS

According to him, the accession of the Baltic states to the North Atlantic Alliance has turned the most militarily calm region into an arena of military rivalry. He also stressed that before that “there were no threats to the security of these states.”

The diplomat noted that NATO enlargement does not contribute to the solution of security problems, but only moves the dividing lines in the direction where the enlargement is taking place. Glushko explained that this also forces Russia to respond using the entire arsenal of available legal means.

In the afternoon of January 12 at Brussels ended a meeting of the Russia-NATO Council, the topic of which was Russian proposals on security guarantees in Europe. The negotiations lasted more than four hours.

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