The founder of Vkusvilla spoke about the failure with stores in the Netherlands – RBK

The experiment with foreign stores of “Vkusvilla” has not yet been successful, says the founder of the chain Andrey Krivenko. European youth did not appreciate the Russian concept, therefore it is necessary to reconsider the approach to product offering

VkusVill in Amsterdam

VkusVill in Amsterdam

(Photo: VkusVill / Facebook)

Food retailer Vkusville is reviewing the range of its Dutch stores, while the pilot of foreign expansion in the company is considered unsuccessful, said in interview RBC network founder Andrey Krivenko.

The company opened its first store under the VkusVill sign in Amsterdam in the spring of 2020; today there are already three points operating there. The division’s revenue at the end of the last year amounted to 18.8 million rubles in terms of rubles, or less than 1% of all Vkusvilla’s sales.

Founder of Vkusvilla – RBC: “We sell spelled better than beer”

Andrey Krivenko

“Those products that Vkusville chooses, [в Нидерландах] only old people eat, and young people avoid them. We may have to change the formulations: for example, replace butter with margarine. About 30% of young Englishmen and Europeans no longer drink natural milk, only vegetable milk, ”said the businessman. So the retailer is now testing new assortment hypotheses to get to know Dutch consumers better. According to Krivenko, European consumption trends may eventually come to Russia.

According to the founder of Vkusville, the experiment with European retail cost the company less than if it had ordered the preparation of market research from Western consultants. Opening stores cost her about $ 0.5 million.

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