The head of Finland announced Putin’s assessment of the idea to revive the “spirit of Helsinki” – RBK

Russian President Vladimir Putin has welcomed the initiative to revive the spirit of the principles of the Helsinki Agreements, concluded in 1975. This was announced by the President of Finland Sauli Niinistö in interview German edition Welt.

The journalist of the publication reminded Niinistö of his visit to Moscow and a meeting with Putin, during which, according to him, the Finnish president proposed to revive the “Spirit of Helsinki”. “[Путин оценил эту идею] very positively, “- said the President of Finland, noting that US President Joe Biden” found an effective channel of dialogue with Putin “(quotes from TASS).

Niinistö also said that he was concerned about the decision of the EU Council to reject high-level talks with the Russian president and wondered if European countries wanted to “be on the sidelines” while Moscow and Washington discuss the future of Europe.

The Foreign Ministry responded to the words of the President of Finland about the dialogue with Moscow

Niinistö visited Moscow on October 29 during a working visit. During a press conference following the talks, politicians told, which also raised the question of a possible OSCE summit in 2025.

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