The head of Raiffeisenbank questioned the benefits of ecosystems for customers – RBC

According to Sergei Monin, in order to provide a client with convenient additional services, there is no need to build ecosystems or conglomerates. It is not known if they provide value to customers, and it is too expensive to verify.

Large Russian banks are not building ecosystems, but conglomerates, but this does not need to be done in order to provide the client with convenient additional services. This opinion was expressed by the head of Raiffeisenbank Sergei Monin in an interview with RBC.

“Another aspect of ecosystems with non-financial services. Ecosystems are one thing, conglomerates are another. You don’t have to build conglomerates to build an ecosystem. In fact, we build them. But this does not need to be done in order to provide the client with some convenient additional service, ”he said. As an example, Monin cited Raiffeisenbank’s service, which allows ordering the delivery of a car for repair: “For this we did not buy any company that provides such a service. Nevertheless, our clients receive such a service. Here’s how to say, are we building an ecosystem or not? “

Gref assessed the impact of stringent ecosystem regulation scenarios on Sberbank

German Gref

According to Monin, the view that conglomerates can create value for customers is a “hypothesis.” “A hypothesis may be confirmed, it may not be confirmed, and this is some kind of huge hypothesis, very expensive. We see a large number of other hypotheses that we want to try to implement with much more enthusiasm, ”the banker says. Raiffeisenbank itself followed the path of a financial ecosystem built around the bank.

Among Russian banks, the largest ecosystems are being built by Sberbank, VTB and Tinkoff Bank. Sber’s ecosystem now includes more than 50 companies and services for retail and corporate clients, as well as for the state. January-September 2021 loss of non-financial services before tax made up 32.2 billion rubles. against a profit of 11 billion rubles. a year earlier. “In three years, we plan to invest 300-350 billion rubles in the development of the ecosystem, the share of our investments will grow from 3% to 7% of the capital,” – spoke Reuters Financial Director of Sberbank Alexandra Buriko.

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