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Sibur thought about doing coal chemistry, but refused because of the “extremely high carbon footprint” that it leaves. This was stated by its head Dmitry Konov, commenting on the idea of ​​Sergei Shoigu to create a coal chemical production in Siberia.

Dmitry Konov

Dmitry Konov

(Photo: Mikhail Grebenshchikov / RBC)

Sibur, Russia’s largest oil and gas chemical holding, considered the possibility of dealing with coal chemistry, but “we were always stopped by the fact that the deep study of coal chemistry leaves an extremely high carbon footprint.” About this in an interview with RBC stated the head of Sibur Dmitry Konov.

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Dmitry Konov

So the head of the holding commented idea Minister of Defense and the head of the Russian Geographical Society Sergei Shoigu to build new cities in Siberia, which should be “correlated with the resource potential of the region and programs for the development of transport networks.” According to the head of the Ministry of Defense, in the Kansk region in the Krasnoyarsk Territory there is a potential for the creation of coal chemical production of demanded plastics from illiquid raw materials.

“From different types of raw materials, mainly hydrocarbon, we can make the same chemical products. And from one type of raw material, we can make completely different types of products using different technologies, ”said Konov. “Coal chemistry is also the processing of hydrocarbons into some products that we can produce from others [видов сырья]… But we were always stopped by the fact that deep processing in coal chemistry leaves an extremely high carbon footprint, ”he added.

The head of Sibur also recalled that the regions that Shoigu spoke about are traditionally “not in the zone of our interests.” “We do not see projects for ourselves there, at least not yet,” he said.

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