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Collective immunity from COVID-19 among residents of St. Petersburg can be achieved by the end of January next year. This statement was made by the governor of the city Alexander Beglov in the air TV channel “78”.

“Our absolute benchmark is 3.5 million vaccinated Petersburgers. We can reach this milestone in January, ”he said.

Beglov added that now the level of herd immunity is 67%, 2.1 million people have completed the vaccination course. According to him, the city’s population is close to reaching the level of herd immunity of 80%, which was established by the Ministry of Health. “It is very important to maintain high rates in December so that the city can celebrate the New Year in a calm atmosphere,” he said, noting that with a full load of all vaccination points, 40 thousand people can get vaccinated during the day.

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In early November, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova reportedthat the level of herd immunity in Russia should be at least 80%, but it is desirable to exceed this bar and reach 90-95%. “Our experts and foreign experts with whom we cooperate say that 80% is not enough to ensure the protection of the population,” she explained.

Herd immunity is the formation of a layer of residents of a region or country who have sufficient immunity to infection to stop further transmission of the virus.

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By data headquarters on November 19, in St. Petersburg, more than 2.62 million people were vaccinated with the first component of the drug against coronavirus, the second – more than 2.33 million. Indicators include the use of one-component “Sputnik Light”.

As of November 24, 1,538 residents of the city fell ill per day, 65 previously ill patients died. Over the entire period of the spread of the infection in St. Petersburg, the coronavirus was diagnosed in more than 777.3 thousand people, 25 867 died, it follows from the data of the headquarters.

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Daily data of the operational headquarters

Source: federal and regional headquarters for the fight against coronavirus

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