The head of the Ministry of Health called the proportion of children among those infected with coronavirus

The share of children in the total number of people infected with a new coronavirus infection in Russia is 15%. This assessment was given by the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko. In his opinion, special attention should be paid to children who fell ill at an early age.

“Among those who are generally ill, 15% are children, and children of the neonatal period up to four years of age are of particular attention. Therefore, a vaccinated mother, a nursing mother, thereby transfers protective forces, antibodies, [которые] pass through breast milk, and thus the child also becomes protected, and close contact between mother and child becomes safer,” Murashko said at a briefing.

Vaccination of pregnant women against coronavirus infection in Russia is allowed, it is carried out for a period of more than 22 weeks. Children can be vaccinated from the age of 12 upon written application and parental consent. For them, the Sputnik M vaccine is put into circulation, which is an adult version of Sputnik V diluted five times. Adults can be vaccinated in Russia with the Sputnik, EpiVacCorona and Kovivac vaccines, as well as their varieties.

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