The media learned about the dispute between Lavrov and Blinken over Ukraine

Sergei Lavrov and Anthony Blinken had an argument over Ukraine. The tense debate between the Russian foreign minister and the US secretary of state took place during an informal dinner the day before the official meeting in Stockholm. According to Bloomberg, citing sources, Lavrov said that the events in Ukraine in 2014 are from the point of view of Russia a coup d’etat. In addition, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, according to media reports, accused the EU and NATO of “suppressing dissent.” Blinken responded by saying that NATO is a defense alliance. Also, the US Secretary of State said that forces loyal to the ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych were allegedly involved in the shooting at peaceful protesters in Kiev. Earlier it was reported that during an official meeting with Blinken, Lavrov said that Russia hopes for an early solution to problems in relations with the United States and Ukraine. The Russian Foreign Minister also explained to the US Secretary of State the essence of the Minsk agreements. In addition, Lavrov accused NATO of rejecting proposals to defuse tensions along Russia’s borders.

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