The Ministry of Defense issued clarifications on partial mobilization

The Ministry of Defense issued clarifications on partial mobilization

The Russian Ministry of Defense issued clarifications on partial mobilization. They were voiced by the representative of the Main Organizational and Mobilization Directorate of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces, Rear Admiral Vladimir Tsimlyansky.

Who will be called first

First of all, those who have the most demanded military registration specialty will be called. it shooters, tankers, gunners, drivers, driver-mechanics. One of the main factors will be having combat experience. They will be given priority, but as such, there is no call order.

Appeals for partial mobilization are subject to privates and sergeants up to 35 years old, junior officers up to 50, senior officers up to 55.

Some positions may also be filled by women with relevant military specialties. For example, these are health workers. But the need for such specialists is minimal.

Number of conscripts will be determined according to the regular needs of the completed military units. Each region will be assigned a mobilization task based on the number of citizens on military registration.

Who will not be called

Citizens with a reservation. In particular, employees of defense enterprises. As well as those who will be “booked” in the order prescribed in article 18 of the law “On mobilization training”.

Those who are not subject to mobilization who were declared unfit for health. Those will not be called who is engaged in constant care for a family member or disabled people of group I.

Those who have four or more dependent children under the age of 16. As well as those whose mothers, in addition to them, have four or more children under the age of 8 and raise them without a husband.

Mobilization does not apply to retired military pensioners due to age or healthremoved from military records.

Also not subject to conscription are those who lives outside of Russia and is not registered with the military. But those who left the country for a short time and are registered can be called up.

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