The Ministry of Digital Transformation explained how not to become a victim of fraud with QR codes

The Ministry of Digital Development is aware of a new fraud scheme related to the public services portal, in connection with which the portal support service has strengthened the protection of user accounts. So far, there has been no surge in complaints about the theft of accounts. This is stated in message departments.

The new scheme is similar to gaining access to an online bank, they say in the Ministry of Digital Development. They clarified that scammers are trying to recover the password to the user account on the public services portal in order to steal the account. During a call to their victim, they introduce themselves as employees of the portal and ask them to dictate the code received in sms. As a pretext, scammers use QR code as the most relevant topic.

If you dictate the code from sms, then the scammers will reset the old account password, and the real owner will lose access to it. The Ministry of Digital Development reminds that a QR code confirming the presence of a covid certificate appears automatically in the verified account of the portal and there is no need to “link” it (which is what the scammers require).

“The Ministry of Digital Resources reminds that employees of the public services portal never call without a citizen’s request and do not ask for his data. Do not transfer codes, passwords, phone number, SNILS, passport data or any other information to third parties,” the ministry said in a statement. and introduced yourself as an employee of the State Services Portal, do not continue the conversation, hang up. platform feedback”.

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