The Ministry of Energy told how to return money for bringing gas to the house

Instruction to the government on free gas supply to the borders of citizens’ land plots was done by the President of Russia on April 21, 2021, but it was legalized only by the end of the year. Due to the lack of a legal framework, the social gasification program started in the regions not at the same time, somewhere earlier, but somewhere later. Therefore, many citizens who connected to the gas pipeline after April 21 were forced to pay money for this. The Ministry of Energy told RG who is entitled to a refund of funds spent on gasification and how to do it.

The funds paid for connecting the gas pipeline to the border of the land plot can be returned if the agreement on connecting the equipment and the site to the networks was concluded after 04/21/2021, while the connection act has not yet been signed, the department clarified.

In order to return the funds, citizens have the right to apply to their regional operator with an appeal to include in the contract a condition on the free provision of connection services with a request for a refund of the paid funds. This can be done both directly and through the multifunctional center, or through a single portal or through a regional portal. In fact, such a possibility was enshrined in the legislation by paragraph 125 of the Government Decree of September 13, 2021 No. 1547 “On Approval of the Rules for Connection (Technological Connection) of Gas-Using Equipment and Capital Construction Facilities to Gas Distribution Networks”.

The Ministry of Energy clarified that after submitting an application, within 10 days, a citizen must receive a new agreement on free gas supply. And the funds paid earlier for gasification will be returned to the applicant’s account within 3 months after the company receives the application.

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