The Ministry of Labor announced the indexation of the capital by 8.4% from February 1 – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Maternity capital in Russia will be indexed from February 1 by 8.4%. Thus, as reported in the Ministry of Labor, its size for the first child will grow from the current 483.8 thousand rubles to 524.5 thousand rubles, for the second – to 693.1 thousand rubles (now 639.4 thousand rubles).

“The size of the maternity capital for the first child will be 524.5 thousand rubles, for the second child – 693.1 thousand rubles, if the family did not receive maternity capital for the first child, and the amount of additional payment at the birth of the second child, if the family received maternity capital at the birth of the first child, will amount to 168.6 thousand rubles, “- transfers RIA News with reference to the press service of the Ministry of Labor

The department clarified that the Russian government has prepared a decree on the indexation of a number of benefits and payments based on inflation. We are talking about benefits and social benefits that are not related to the size of the living wage. In addition to maternity capital, these are payments to veterans, benefits for pregnancy and childbirth and childcare for up to 1.5 years for unemployed citizens, a one-time benefit for the birth of a child, compensation for citizens exposed to radioactive effects. All of them will also be indexed by 8.4%.

Formerly Ministry of Labor identified the average insurance pension for the next three years. Recall that on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin, insurance pensions for non-working Russians will be indexed above inflation – by 8.6%. At the same time, the Ministry of Labor calculated that the size of the old-age insurance pension of a non-working pensioner in 2022 will average 18,984 rubles, in 2023 – 20,047 rubles, in 2024 – 21,150 rubles.

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