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The Ministry of Labor intends to calculate the “poverty line” according to a special formula, taking into account inflation, which will allow for more accurate tracking of changes in quantity. The indicator will be used only for statistics.

The Ministry of Labor intends to establish a procedure for determining the “poverty line”, which will be calculated to track the indicator of the number of poor people. This is reported by “News“With reference to sources close to the ministry and”Kommersant“With reference to the draft government decree.

To calculate the “poverty line”, the ministry proposes to tie it to inflation – to multiply the value of the subsistence minimum for the last quarter of last year (11.3 thousand rubles) by the consumer price index for the required period, Izvestia writes. Kommersant indicates that the calculations will be made on a quarterly basis.

As Kommersant was told in the press service of the Ministry of Labor, the poverty line will be used only as a statistical indicator, measures to support the population will be calculated based on the established subsistence minimum.

The press service also added that the introduction of such a formula for the poverty line will allow monitoring the level of poverty in dynamics, and it will not increase due to economic growth and median income. Today, November 26, the Ministry of Labor intends to submit a proposal for consideration by the Russian Trilateral Commission, the newspaper reported.

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