The newest Tu-160M ​​was lifted into the sky for the first time

Kazan hosted a historic event in the aviation industry. On January 12, the first copy of the newly manufactured Tu-160M ​​strategic missile carrier made its maiden flight from the airfield of the Kazan Aviation Plant, a Tupolev branch of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC). By the way, this is the largest and most powerful supersonic aircraft with variable wing geometry in the history of military aviation.

“The flight took place at an altitude of 600 meters and lasted about 30 minutes. The Tupolev test pilot crew performed maneuvers to test the stability and controllability of the aircraft in the air,” the Rostec state corporation said.

Recall that the program for the reproduction of Tu-160 aircraft in a modernized form was launched by the decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2015.

It is noted that within the framework of the state contract between the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia and Tupolev, “the design documentation for the Tu-160M ​​aircraft was completely digitized in a short time, the vacuum welding technology of titanium products was restored, and the production of airframe units was resumed.” And also a new cooperation has been formed from leading industrial enterprises in the field of metallurgy, aircraft construction, mechanical engineering and instrument making.

“We have restored the full production cycle of the Tu-160, but already in the” M “modification, using modernized engines, modernized aircraft control systems, navigation systems and weapons control systems, – said yesterday the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov. the restoration of the production of unique aircraft was played by the modernization of the Kazan Aviation Plant: the equipment of the shops, the flight test base were updated, the world’s largest installation for electron beam welding and vacuum annealing of titanium was put into operation.Today we see significant prospects for the Tu-160 platform: further development will allow use it for new types of weapons, including promising ones. “

According to the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, the Tu-160M ​​missile carrier can become a carrier of new types of weapons, including promising

It is worth noting that the new aircraft retained the appearance of its legendary predecessor, but at the same time was created on a completely new technological base using digital technologies.

“The Tu-160 is one of the most ambitious and high-tech projects in the aviation industry. The implementation of this program required not only the renovation of production facilities, but also the creation of a fundamentally new digital environment for working on the project,” said UAC CEO Yuri Slyusar. that the new machine is completely rebuilt, from scratch – the systems and equipment in the new machine have been updated and modernized by 80 percent. “

As a result of the modernization, the range of the bomber increased by about 1000 kilometers. The configuration of the Tu-160M ​​includes a new Novella radar, as well as a new self-defense complex and an electronic surveillance system. The aircraft is also equipped with a “glass cockpit” and an updated set of communications and navigation equipment.

Recently, the commander of the Long-Range Aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces, Lieutenant General Sergei Kobylash, announced that in 2022 two modernized strategic missile carriers Tu-160M ​​will join the ranks.

“A feature of the modernized models of aviation technology is the installation of new electronic warfare systems, modern navigation systems, equipping with new weapons, new avionics, as well as the installation of the latest information display equipment on the dashboards of the crew,” said the lieutenant general.

Tu-160 (according to NATO codification – Blackjack, and in Russia the plane is unofficially called “White Swan” for its grace) – Soviet, then Russian supersonic strategic bomber-missile carrier with variable wing geometry. Along with the Tu-95MS, it forms the basis of the long-range aviation fleet of the Aerospace Forces (VKS) of Russia. Designed to destroy the most important targets in remote areas and deep behind enemy lines with nuclear and conventional weapons. The aircraft is capable of carrying 12 cruise missiles on board, all weapons are located inside the fuselage. Tu-160 is the heaviest combat aircraft in the world.

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