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A nutritionist from the USA has named ways to choose the right drinks for those who want to lose weight. About it informs Eat This, Not That!

Dr. Lauren Manaker believes that losing weight should drink as much water as possible, add less sugar and cream to tea and coffee, limit alcohol intake and dilute 100 percent fruit juices. “It may sound trite, but plain water is great for keeping your body hydrated without unnecessary calories, sugar, fat, or salt,” the nutritionist said.

Manaker also advised caution about traditional tea and coffee additives. In her opinion, although these drinks themselves do not contain calories, the sugar and cream added to them can significantly increase their energy value and become an obstacle to losing weight as soon as possible.

Also, the nutritionist recommends limiting the use of any alcoholic beverages. “Alcohol introduces empty calories and other harmful substances into your body. From time to time you can drink a glass of wine or beer, but an excessive passion for alcohol will not lead to anything good, including in terms of losing weight, ”said Manaker. In addition, a study by Current Obesity Reports shows that regular alcohol consumption is directly linked to weight gain and poses a serious risk of obesity.

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Lauren Manaker also warned those who drink 100% fruit juices during the diet. “Juices are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, but drinking too much of them can lead to weight gain, as they contain enough calories,” the nutritionist emphasized.

She suggests diluting juices by half with water. In this case, calorie intake will be halved, and the body will still receive the necessary nutrients.

Formerly Russian nutritionist Anna Drobysheva named the main mistakes that can prevent you from losing weight. She believes that one of the main miscalculations of those who want to lose weight is the complete exclusion of fats from the diet.

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