The nutritionist warned about the dangers of frequent consumption of white bread

Store-bought white bread can be high in sugar, trans fats, and margarine. These ingredients in the composition are far from the most useful, so it is better to study its composition on the label before buying bread. Dietitian Elena Solomatina told about the long-term consequences of eating such bread.

The sugar in white bread (and not only in it) depletes the pancreas, as it secretes a lot of insulin. As a result, insulin resistance can develop, when there is a lot of sugar in the blood, and insulin cannot “drag” it into the cells. “In this case, this sugar begins to literally corrode the walls of blood vessels,” the nutritionist warned in an interview with M24.

The poor condition of the vessels can provoke high cholesterol, the appearance of atherosclerotic plaques (growths) in the vessels, followed by an increase in pressure and limit the access of oxygen and glucose to the brain. “The brain begins to starve, cells begin to suffer and die, and against this background dementia develops,” Solomatina concluded.

According to the nutritionist, lovers of white bread should not so much limit their consumption as find an adequate replacement – for example, whole grain bread, and when included in the diet, combine it with fiber – lettuce, pepper, cucumber. Together with it, bread will not harm the body.

Doctors often remind about the dangers of the systematic use of bakery products, as they have a high glycemic index. Cardiologists emphasize, that bread can be painlessly deleted from the diet when it comes to products made from premium flour, while they call homemade bread with bran and fiber a good alternative to store options.

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