The police charged the only person responsible for the accident, when they burned two people

In the incident, he was sentenced to death and ten years in prison, said the Markta Janovsk regional police. The surveyor evaluated all the evidence and expert opinions for a long time. He accused Idie of a criminal offense of causing death by negligence and endangering the child under the influence of drug addiction.

The criminologist accuses him that after drinking alcohol and under the influence of addictive substances, namely meth and marijuana, he destroyed the Fabia passenger vehicle in which he was transporting these people. He subsequently crashed the vehicle when, after hitting a tree, the vehicle came to a halt, resulting in the death of three passengers, Janovsk said.

After the accident, 1.82 percent of alcohol was found in Idio’s breath, to which a blood test was subsequently carried out.

The accident happened before 4:30 a.m. near Ndra. The car started to burn, two women aged 22 and 23 and an 18-year-old youth were trapped in it. The accused was outside the vehicle when the police passed by and it was not clear at first if he was driving.

According to the traffic policeman who sprayed the asphalt, the driver failed to make a slight left-hand turn and crashed into a tree at high speed.

Identification problem

According to the source of MF DNES, the passengers from the car were so burnt that it was not possible to determine the gender or age of the persons at the scene. It was a lot of cards. lo urit about young people, it was not at all clear who it was. No identification was possible. It must have been a terrible year. The seats were charred to metal, the steering wheel seemed to be missing. Security dogs as well. Perhaps they came from a nearby discotheque, but there is a possibility, shared a source who was with the interviewees.

After passing the fire brigade, it was not possible to do much with it. The whole car was on fire. One of them sat on the slope by the tracks. It was all black, and I had a lot of trouble getting out too. He was in the eye and was unable to give an answer, the source added.

They eliminated the fire brigade in 20 minutes. they estimated the code at 80 thousand crowns, said Vendula Horkov, the fire department’s spokesperson.

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