The political scientist called the talks between Russia and NATO inconclusive for Ukraine: Politics: World:

Head of the Ukrainian analytical center “Third Sector” political scientist Andrey Zolotarev named the past negotiations of Russia and NATO ineffectual for Ukraine. His words lead TASS

According to Zolotarev, Ukraine has not received any guarantees of joining the alliance. “The promises that Ukraine will someday live in NATO are akin to the expression“ either the shah will die, or the donkey will die, ”the political scientist said. He noted that the issue of a peaceful settlement of the situation in Donbass had reached an impasse, and NATO’s explicit position was to play for time. “This contradicts the position of Russia, which has stated that it does not intend to raise this issue,” he added.

Earlier in Germany supported Russia’s right to oppose Ukraine’s entry into NATO. According to the German MP from the Alternative for Germany party Steffen Kotrets, after the Cold War, Russia was “taken in the pincers” because NATO, contrary to the agreements, expanded eastward and approached the Russian borders. “Russia rightly has a sickening feeling, Russia has the right to insist that Ukraine does not go to NATO now,” he said.

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