The Roscosmos tower under construction in Moscow will have the effect of weightlessness – RBK

The construction of the fifth floor of the 47-storey tower under construction of the National Space Center (NCC) has begun in Moscow. Andrey Bochkarev, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Urban Development Policy and Construction, spoke about the progress of work at this facility.

“According to the architects’ plan, the NCC tower symbolizes a rocket on the launch pad. At present, structures of the fifth floor of a high-rise building are being erected, more than 12 thousand cubic meters of concrete have already been laid here, ”the deputy mayor said.

The authorities have revealed the details of the construction of the tower “Roscosmos” in Moscow

The general director of Mosinzheproekt Yuri Kravets (the holding is the managing company for the construction of the facility) clarified that for the construction of the NCC tower in the supporting frame of the building at the level of the fourth floor, transfer beams resting on the corner column of the high-rise part, made according to the technology of prestressed reinforced concrete, were used.

“The use of this technology is due to the opening provided by the project between the first and third floors of the high-rise part of the NCC – it will not only have an aesthetic function, creating a feeling of weightlessness of the tower, but will also provide, if necessary, the passage of fire-fighting equipment,” explained Kravtsov. He recalled that a similar technology of prestressed reinforcement was used in the construction of a “floating bridge” in Zaryadye park.

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