The Russian embassy called the US statement about the timing of the “invasion” of Ukraine a fake

The Russian embassy in Washington called the White House’s statement about the timing of the “invasion” of Ukraine a fake and informational pressure.

“Noted statements by White House and Pentagon press secretaries during briefings on January 14 about Russia’s alleged preparation of some kind of pretext for an “invasion” of Ukraine,” the statement reads. Facebook.

As noted, “representatives of the US administration, without evidence, already describe in detail scenarios for such provocations, name the dates for the eventual start of “operations”.

The embassy emphasized that such a formulation of the question “confirms the ongoing information pressure” on Russia.

Earlier, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said that Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine can start in mid-January-February.

The White House spokeswoman noted that “Russia can fabricate a pretext for an attack.”

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