The share of solar and wind in the energy balance of Russia will grow to 12% KXan 36 Daily News

Russia faces the task of increasing the share of renewable energy sources (RES) based on solar and wind from today’s 1% to 12% by 2050, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said, speaking at the Gaidar Forum.

The share of nuclear energy should also increase from 20% to 25%. Among the new directions, Novak noted, first of all, the development of hydrogen energy, as well as small nuclear energy.

Speaking about the prospects for the carbon storage industry, he stressed that many Russian companies are already working in this direction, but so far the existing technologies are not commercially viable. At the same time, in Russia, after oil and gas production, voids remain in the subsoil, which are optimally suited for CO2 injection. If these technologies become cheaper in the future, then it is likely that this area of ​​u200bu200bactivity will become profitable, Novak believes.

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