The Silesian Museum is subsidizing the glass in the arboretum because of the high cost

Visualization of modern glasses that were supposed to appear in the Nov Dvr Arboretum in the Opava Region for more than a hundred million. Nothing will come of the project.
| photo: Visualization of the Silesian State Museum

The project was not implemented and the subsidy will be withdrawn, confirmed the spokesman of the Silesian National Museum, David Vhala. He added that prices in the construction industry had risen so much that the construction of an unusual egg-shaped pavilion could not be completed.

The project was very unique and atypical. Another reason is the economic complexity of its operation, which could not be paid for, he specified.

The botanical garden for glass exposition is twenty years old, the old one had to be removed due to its state of disrepair in 2000. The new one was built in 2018 thanks to a record-breaking 114 million euro subsidy.

Due to the large number of prices in the construction industry, however, several times updated the budget and moved the deadline. You can’t do that. At the moment, people have access to a hundred percent of the growing glass in the arboretum, but not a tenth of it to me. Let’s try to open it whole, with the rights of darkness during the winter, said Vhala.

In the glass there will be walkways for plants and rushes for the plants that are now spread out there in flowerpots. Funding will come from the museum’s budget and it should be ready by spring at the latest.

Because the exposition will focus on tropical and subtropical plants, outside the museum there will be an alternative option to heat a glass. In this ppad invites subsidies.

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